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Whether your pet needs a mid-day walk while you're at work or in-home pet sitting while you are on vacation, Lowcountry Pet Sitting will tailor it's services to meet your pet's and your needs.

From extra long walks or games of fetch for active dogs to extended visits with a little quiet conversation to keep your house cat company, Lowcountry Pet Sitting offers attentive professional care for your pet and peace of mind for you.


Pick-up & Delivery Service

  Lowcountry Pet Sitting can help make your hectic schedule a little less hectic by providing transportation for your pet to and from the vet, the Groomers, and even the airport.

Senior Pet Care

  Whatever your older pet requires -- medications, special meal preparation or understanding TLC, Lowcountry Pet Sitting is happy to provide the extra care your older pet deserves.

Large Animal Care

  At Lowcountry Pet Sitting we have experience caring for animals of all sizes, including horses and livestock.

Multiple Pets

  Whether your number of pets has grown from your commitment to animal rescue, your devotion to a breed, or your love of animals in general, Lowcountry Pet Sitting appreciates your dedication and welcomes the special needs of the multiple pet household.

The Little Extras

  At Lowcountry Pet Sitting we know it's the little extras that can make a big difference -- like taking the time to learn the word commands your puppy is mastering in obedience school so on walks we can reinforce all that good training. We get to know the pets we care for. We understand their needs, likes, and dislikes so our care is the next best thing to yours.




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